Sébastien Ogier
Volkswagen Motorsport

Incredible, he did it! As a result of his victory in the Spanish Rallye on the weekend - his 37th win in a WRC race - Volkswagen pilot Sébastien Ogier locked up the World Champion title even earlier than anticipated. That means that for the fourth time in succession the throne belongs to him! Together with co-driver Julien Ingrassia, the Frenchman left absolutely no doubt that he was striving to seal the trophy even before the two final races of the season in Wales and in Australia. The first response of Super Séb, known to us also as husband of TV moderator Andrea Kaiser, following his triumph: “It was a really difficult, but all-in-all a fantastic season. Of all the titles, this one was the hardest to win. Mentally, the year was unbelievably demanding.”

Right on schedule, in tandem with the crown for his fourth World Championship title, his new website is also being launched: www.sebastien-ogier.com